Woodland Christian High School’s FIRST Team 4678, the CyberCavs, began in 2012. We are grateful for the mentorship of Eastwood Collegiate’s FIRST Team 2702, REBotics. They were instrumental in getting us on our way.

In just a few short years, the CyberCavs have pursued and risen to excellence. In our first year of competition, we ranked 20th out of 30 at the prestigious Waterloo Regional, where we competed all the way to the quarter finals.

In our second year we ranked 12th and 13th respectively at the Waterloo and Windsor-Essex Regionals. We were semi-finalists in both competitions.

In our third year we were semi-finalists at the Waterloo Regional; champions at the North Bay Regional; we placed 10th out of 75 in the Newton Division at the World Championships in St. Louis; and we received the Engineering Excellence award at both regionals we attended.

In our fourth year we were ranked 6th and 5th respectively at the Waterloo and Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regionals, went on to be finalists at Windsor. We won the Innovation in Control Award at Waterloo and the Quality Award at Windsor. We earned a wildcard berth for the World Championships where we were the Newton Division winners.

In our fifth year we were Finalists in the Waterloo District competition, where we won the Excellence in Engineering Award; we won the North Bay District competition, where we won the Innovation in Control Award. Our performances in these competitions ranked us 9th out of 145 teams in the province of Ontario, which qualified us to compete at the Ontario District Championships. Upon completing that competition, we were ranked 10th in the province, which in turn qualified us for the World Championships in St. Louis where we were finalists in the Daly Division.

We are thankful for our dedicated mentors, who teach and equip team members with skills that will help carry us forward into our lives ahead. From problem solving and design to programming; from building to fundraising; from project management to public relations, the CyberCavs provide opportunities for students to grow in many ways beyond STEM. And we strive to do so with the FIRST value of Gracious Professionalism.

The CyberCavs would also like to thank our sponsors, who have given us the means to build robots and attend competitions; the Woodland Christian High School community for supporting this venture; the teachers who inspire us; and our parents who encourage us during the long and exciting season.

Finance/Fundraising - keeping the spending in line -
Public Relations - we are NERDS (Non-Engineering Robotics DiviSion) -
Technical - a lot of blood, sweat and gears -
Project Management - when will you have that done? -

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