Woodland Robot Competes in St. Louis

It’s not every day you see eighteen thousand youth from forty different countries wrangling eight hundred robots in one auditorium. You could describe the 2015 FIRST Championships as a sports event of sorts—but the competition, held in St. Louis Missouri this year, also sounds a bit like the opening scene of a science fiction movie.READ MORE

Underdog school shoots for the top in robotics

BRESLAU — They may not have backing from NASA, big-time corporate sponsorship, a huge budget or thousands of students to choose from.

But with ingenuity and some gumption, the robotics team at tiny Woodland Christian High School in Breslau have earned their way into the world championships in St. Louis at the end of the month.READ MORE

Woodland team takes the top spot at North Bay robotics competition

After capturing first place at the North Bay First Robotics Regional competition, the Woodland Christian High School Cyber Cavs booked their ticket to the world championships in St. Louis, Missouri. READ MORE