2019 Destination Deep Space Robot "Nagini"


  • Six Colson wheel West Coast DriveTrain
  • Powered by six NEO Brushless Motors
  • Single speed custom gearbox ~14ft/s


  • Seven foot, four-axis arm
  • Arm powered by a single NEO brushless motor on each axis
  • Arm can reach full height in two seconds
  • Uses the arm and 2 "stilts" to climb onto level 3 HAB
  • Double sided "Wrist" on the arm, one side dedicated to cargo manipulation, the other dedicated to hatch manipulation
  • 2 Cameras connected to a Raspberry PI, to aid driver vision
  • Built to handle driving off the level-2 HAB platform during sandstorm
  • Hatch mechanism spring loaded and will latch onto a hatch panel through mechanical needs only. No need for drivers to "grab" the hatch panel via a command.
  • Cargo claw has angled free spinning wheels to automatically center the ball in the claw

Other Information

  • Autonomous modes still in development - stay tuned!

Interesting Facts

  • Uses the 360 LIDAR to detect many field elements such as; cargo, the rocket, the human feeder station and the the cargo ship


  • Finalists at both Waterloo and North Bay
  • Won the Industrial Design award for the first time at North Bay
  • Semi-finalist in the Technology division of the Ontario District Championship