2017 Steamworks Robot "Clyde"


  • Six high-grip 4 inch wheels
  • Four full CIM motors in tank drive configuration
  • Old skool belt drive
  • Vex Pro 3 Stage Pneumatic Ball Shifter with 50:34 output stage and Grayhill 63R Encoder
  • Drivetrain speeds: Low gear 8.4ft/s (2.56m/s or 9.2km/h), High gear 18ft/s (5.48m/s or 19.75km/h)


  • Specializing in gear floor pickup
  • Hall effect sensors detect presence of gear in position, initiating automatic clamping
  • 180lbs of pneumatic clamping force ensures gear stays in the claw
  • Bag motor geared 105:1 for accurate claw positioning
  • Floor or hopper ball pickup
  • Capable of low goal scoring of balls
  • 65 ball hopper capacity when rear panel extended
  • Dual hopper agitators
  • Windmill devices can be lowered over bumper to sweep balls into intake.
  • Climber powered by dual 775 Pro Motors
  • Dual versaplanetary gear boxes at 30:1 ratio
  • Single 3:1 gear and pinion assembly at shaft
  • Actual climb time is about 3 seconds
  • Custom milled Ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene claw assembly for grabbing rope

Other Information

  • Autonomous gear placement on any of the 3 pegs
  • Autonomous mode to quickly place gear and score 10 balls in low goal
  • Autonomous mode to place gear and move down the field near loading station.
  • Floor pickup mechanism is used for scoring in low goal. Rollers pivot between floor pickup and low goal score position

Interesting Facts

  • Microsoft Lifecam was stripped down to the circuit board and then repackaged with a fisheye lens allowing for wide field of view for drivers.
  • Named after the Pac-Man ghost Clyde because of polycarbonate shape cut on robot's back side.


  • Finalists at the Waterloo District Competition (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Awarded Excellence in Engineering Award at the Waterloo District Competition
  • Winners at the North Bay District Competition (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Awarded Innovation in Control Award at the North Bay District Competition
  • Semifinalists at the Ontario District Competition (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Ranked 10th out of 145 teams in the Province of Ontario (Blue Alliance Ranking)
  • Qualified for St Louis World Championships
  • Daly Division Finalists in the 3rd-ranked alliance.