2016 Stronghold Robot "Jackknife"


  • Six pneumatic 8" wheels
  • Four full CIM motors in tank drive configuration
  • #25 pitch chain


  • Dual axis manipulation arm
  • Dual axis ball intake and ejection system with four meccanum wheels
  • Trampoline spring catapult shooter
  • Average 5-7 high goals per match
  • Average 5-6 defence crossings per match
  • Capable of low and high goal scoring

Other Information

  • High-powered LED "light cannon" for driver aiming
  • Advanced aim bot algorithms (PID) on the roboRIO
  • Shooting position can be nearly anywhere left to right in outer works
  • Pre-programmed defence traversal for guess-free operation
  • Consistent minimum 20-point auto with options for low bar, sally port or drawbridge traversals in any starting position
  • 14 different sensors and feedback mechanisms on board, providing drivers with current and pertinent information of robot status and position

Interesting Facts

  • Jackknife's software can run in a mode where gestures from arms and drive train can be recorded and played back, making autonomous coding simpler.
  • Jackknife has floor light sensors on the bottom to detect when defences have been crossed.
  • Jackknife can breach sally port and drawbridge unassisted for both autonomous and teleop.
  • Jackknife got its name for its many folding implements.


  • Quarter-finalist at University of Waterloo Regional (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Awarded the Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award at University of Waterloo Regional
  • Windsor Regional Finalist (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Scored 202 points in quarter-finals at Windsor Regional
  • Winner of the Motorola Solutions Foundation Quality Award at Windsor Regional
  • Received wildcard berth for St Louis World Championships
  • Ranked 21st in Newton Division
  • Selected to 7th seeded alliance and went on to win the prestigious Newton division.
  • Enjoyed the view of the rest of the competition as we were knocked out in the first round at Einstein.