2015 Recycle Rush Robot "Namaste"


  • Six wheel, two CIM drive
  • Omni wheel for front and rear pairs for tight turns
  • Tank drive


  • Tote lifter driven by pulley and spool system
  • Bottom load tote feed
  • Three seconds to lift a single tote one tote height

Can and Tote Manipulation

  • Arm at front can be used to pick up, and manipulate both totes and cans
  • Arm can be used to load up to three totes for co-opertition
  • Can load and carry two cans at a time


  • Can load, stack and move three totes and two cans into auto zone
  • Scored 20 points during autonomous 88% of the time


  • Prefer human player station
  • Capable (but not proficient) at land fill (can only make one six stack)
  • Maximum stack height: 6 totes
  • Indexing wheels catch totes from human player station into lifter mechanism
  • Can use arm to cap a built stack up to four totes high
  • Reliably make one stack of 6 (with can and noodle) and one stack of 4 (with can and noodle) in a single match.

Interesting Facts

  • Namaste weighed in at a hefty 124 lbs 11 oz
  • When the robot goes into drive mode, the operator lifts the arm at the shoulder and crosses them at the elbow creating what looks like the Namaste gesture in Yoga. This was observed by Steve V as drive coach and so from that point on, whenever this neutral position is needed, the drive coach need only yell "Namaste!"
  • An alternate name for the robot was Mantis due to its folding arms that resemble a praying mantis
  • Unofficially refered to as "The Memebot" since team members took to writing clever phrases and memes with a sharpie all over the robot. Even underneath!
  • Source code refers the robot as Walle


  • Semi-finalist at University of Waterloo Regional (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Winner of Engineering Excellence at University of Waterloo Regional
  • North Bay Regional Champion (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Winner of Engineering Excellence at North Bay Regional Championship
  • 10th place at 2015 World Championships in St Louis Newton Division (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Scored 136 autonomous points at IRI and ranked 36 out of 67 (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Ranked 18th out of 24 at Fall Fiesta; chosen for 4th alliance
  • Quarter finalist at STEMly Cup earning Engineering Award for performace in autonomous